Add new thing templatesΒΆ

This feature is used to allow device plugins to create fully customized objects using auto discovery feature. The object can come with the right mapping in Data sources/Actions or you can even change its representation (eg: a light with a custom icon).

To test it

  1. Create a src/main/resources/data/templates folder inside a device plugin (eg: essential)
  2. Copy the light.xobj object from base-things plugin in this new folder
  3. Change the name of this file to mytemplate.xobj and change xml name tag to <name>My Test Template</name>
  4. Recompile essential plugin to have these changes installed in freedomotic-core
  5. Run freedomotic-core.

In Jfrontend enter Objects Edit mode and you should see a new template in the list called My Test Template which is provided by a device plugin instead of an object plugin.

Try to add it to the map as usual and check if the new light turns on when clicked.