Udp helper

This helper allows to start an UDP server listenig on a specific port and send UDP packets to a remote host.

Let’s start with an example. We want to add a server listening on port 7777.

First of all create a new helper and start the server specifying ip address, port number and a listener

UdpHelper udpserver = new UpdHelper();
udpServer.startServer("", 7777, new UdpListener() {
          public void onDataAvailable(String sourceAddress, Integer sourcePort, String data) {
              System.out.println("UDP packet received: {0}", data);
              // here add the code to execute when a packet is received

When a new packet arrives you can see the payload on the log as a string and execute any code added to onDataAvailable method.

It’d be better to stop the server and unbound the port with


How to send a packet

To send a packet you need only the ip and port number of the remote host and a string representing the payload.

For example:

udpServer.send("", 8899, "payload to send");