Natural language processing

It takes in input some text, analyzes it to compute a similarity value related to a set of predefined objects available for the system (eg: automation commands)

How to work

It makes a text analysis and ranks objects according to their similarity value. These objects are typically Commands, for example a speech recognition algorithm returns a text and you want to identify the most similar predefined command to execute it. Beware that computing similarity may be CPU intensive. Similarity may be computed with different algorithms. Our solution is based on Damerau-Levenshtein distance. View our implementation.

How to use it

The software listens to free-form (natural language) text commands on channel app.commands.interpreter.nlp and executes most similar command that the framework has in memory. For example a speech recognition utility may return a free-form text that can be interpreted by this module as an executable command. Another example is a chat bot that executes text commands.

Code sample

Command nlpCommand = new Command();
nlpCommand.setName("Recognize text with NLP");
nlpCommand.setDescription("A free-form text command to be interpreded by an NLP module");
nlpCommand.setProperty("text", text);
Command reply = send(nlpCommand);

A complete code sample can be found here.