What is a plugin?

Freedomotic is an application extensible through plugins. Plugins are simple classes within a .jar java package. Each plugin is deployed in the FREEDOMOTIC_ROOT/plugins/ folder, loaded, and initialized automatically at Freedomotic startup. The communication between the plugin and Freedomotic is automatically managed, via a Message Oriented Middleware. Plugins, in addition to the ‘Manager of the messages’, have direct access to Freedomotic data structures. In a plugin, you can create, read, update, or delete data and use them to accomplish your goals.

Plugin Features

  1. Plugin configuration management
  2. User interface accessible by right click in plugins list
  3. Simplyfied access to freedomotic data structures
  4. Automatic management of plugin lifecycle (loaded, running, stopped,...)
  5. Access to the messaging system (read/write events and commands)
  6. Installation and upgrade of plugins from a marketplace
  7. Simplified programming implementing events (onCommand(), onRun(), onStart, onStop(), ...).

How to make a non-Java application communicate with Freedomotic

Till now we talked about how to extend Freedomotic with Java plugins. However is possible to make non-Java application communicate with Freedomotic. Take a look at